Leadership Coaching Praise

Jutta Purchase

Jutta PurchaseI recently completed a six-month personal coaching program with Callie. The program led to a personal transformation I did not think was possible. I achieved a level of consciousness that gave me the clarity to see beyond symptoms and appearances. With the support of Callie’s coaching I discovered an inner strength and an abundance of creativity that built confidence, resilience and courage. Callie’s coaching skills are a gift. I am discovering my unique strengths and can support others to do the same for themselves.

– Jutta Purchase , CEO German-Canadian Benevolent Society of BC

Catherine Kohm

Haro Park Centre

Coach Callie led our Board and Senior Leadership through two Strategic Planning Sessions.  We were all impressed with Callie’s sensitivity and understanding of our strengths and challenges.  Callie was able to help us achieve our stated deliverables so that we all felt we accomplished our objectives.  She was also able to reflect back to substantive issues that arose during our discussions.  We were so impressed we have engaged Callie to work with our Executive Team.

– Catherine Kohm, Executive Director, Haro Park Centre

Haro Park Centre
1233 Haro Street
Vancouver BC
Tel 604-687-5584 ext. 224

Rick Hatswell

Rick HatswellCallie Bland has been my personal and professional coach for approximately one year.  We have built a strong relationship based around my need to learn and cultivate the skills required to succeed my father in the family business.  I am the General Manager of Craftsman Collision, our family’s business, and I currently run the day to day operations of our 31 stores; current sales $75 Million.  I also work with our COO on developing new locations and business relationships.

It is very important for me to be able to show confidence and composure when dealing with all of our business partners and have the know-how to stop and listen to all points of view.  Also, I make every effort to have an exciting personal life with my wife and two children and harness my passion for sports and motorcycle rally racing.  Callie has enabled me to work towards being the best in all areas. With continuous coaching Callie has shown me blind spots in my thinking that I never believed I had, as well as areas of weakness in my outlook that have hindered me in building strong, lasting relationships. Callie can make a huge impact on anyone’s outlook in their personal and professional life.  People connected with the individual will see an immediate change for the better and that person will have a life-line to call on when an idea needs to be explored.  The future is bright for everyone working with Callie.

– Rick Hatswell, General Manager, Craftsman Collision

Colleen Smart

Callie  helped  me  believe   in  my  own  potential  and  see  that  the  only  limitations  I  have  are  those  I  place  upon  myself.  She   helped  me  develop  the   confidence  for  me  to  be   the  face  of  Daybreak.     Since  working  with  Callie, Daybreak  is  now  recognized  as  a   professional,  successful   business  by  many  of  the   major  players  in  the   seniors  housing  industry.

– Colleen  Smart,  President,  Daybreak

Jutta Purchase

german_logoCallie facilitated a team building day for our leadership team of eight in September 2011. From the get-go Callie challenged each team member to make the most of the day and actively participate. Various tasks and exercises not only kept each team member engaged but have become strategies we continue to use. Most amazing is the enthusiasm with which the team is applying the tools on a daily basis.  Frequently workshops are forgotten soon after we are “back at the office” and engrossed in our daily routines. This one day has truly had a positive impact and given the team courage to pursue their goals.

Jutta Purchase, Chief Executive Officer

German Canadian Benevolent Society of B.C.
2010 Harrison Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5P 2P6
T: 604.713.6503 – F: 604.713.6548


Bob Smart

primex_logoAfter going through a series of divestitures, the 6 managers within Primex met to begin the process of establishing the corporate culture that would define its future. “Coach Callie” was hired to design this session and to lead us through the process. Her expertise coupled with her passion made this a complete success.

Bob Smart | President & CEO | Primex Manufacturing Ltd.