Approach & Philosophy



Personal, Professional, and Leadership Coaching

Working with a coach is a powerful transformational process that enables you to discover and connect to the essence of who you are, your purpose, passions, and strengths, as well as your unique talents and gifts. It helps you to clarify a vision for your future and establish specific goals and strategies to help you move forward and live your best life possible.


Coach Callie’s Approach and Philosophy

As a coach, I challenge my clients to stretch beyond their comfort zone and take practical, action steps to achieve meaningful results in the areas they want to improve or change.

I believe that people are experts in their own lives and are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. I approach each client with curiosity and appreciative inquiry in order to draw out internal wisdom and elicit ideas, solutions, and strategies.

I begin our coaching partnership by customizing a program to meet your individual needs.  Establishing safety, openness and trust is a top priority in the client-coach relationship, and provides a foundation for you to be courageous and expand your possibilities. I will listen, observe, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve. I focus on you as a whole person, deepening your self-awareness and encouraging action to evoke positive transformation. You are held accountable and responsible for your thoughts, emotions, choices, and actions.

My coaching program includes training you in valuable self-awareness, communication, and relationship skills that support you in creating sustainable success after the coaching program is complete. I share my knowledge and expertise with you when it adds value, and you always have a choice in how that information will work for you as an individual.


The Benefits of Working with an ICF Certified Coach

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the Internal Coach Federation (ICF), which ensures that coaches are trained in programs that are designed to teach coaching skills, and conduct professional practice that meets the ICF coaching competencies, standards of practice, and code of ethics of the International Coach Federation. I am required by the ICF to earn Continuing Education Units as part of my professional development.



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